Historic Vaults Project


Waterproofing Historic Leaking Vaults, Imperial College, London

As part of their ongoing relationship with the Imperial College London, Newton Specialist Contractor A.P. Gooch was tasked with assessing and waterproofing 11 historic Victorian brick vaults beneath the streets of Kensington, London, after the existing competitor ‘waterproof render’ had failed.

Imperial College London is a world top ten university, and it’s top-class educational facilities in Central London are constantly used by multidisciplinary students, including doctors and nurses, for their studies. It was therefore crucial for A.P. Gooch to perform the work whilst also creating minimum disruption to the college students.

The Solution

Following a full assessment of the vaults, A.P. Gooch decided that the best option was to install the tried and tested ‘failsafe’ Newton System 500 cavity drainage membrane solution in order to depressurise, capture and safely manage ingressing water away from the building. A.P. Gooch also committed to carrying out the entire installation at night in order to cause as little disruption as possible to the College’s students.

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