Facts about Concrete in Basements and Roof Decks

It it worth reminding everyone that taking steps to waterproof concrete,  no matter the situation, is ALWAYS a good idea!

There is a belief even among some professionals in the industry that by increasing the concrete MPA it naturally waterproofs. Well, in wet wall basement situations and the like, it doesn’t and here’s why:

  • Concrete although a solid material has many capillaries and porosity’s that form as the concrete hydrates and the water evaporates.
  • These formed capillaries and porosity act like ‘roads’ through the concrete. And? Well these roads transport the vehicle of concrete problems – moisture
  • Moisture transmitting through concrete not only causes visual disturbance, it majorly impacts the structural integrity of the concrete, as moisture also carries passengers, namely corrosives that destroy the reinforcing steel and causes the infamous concrete cancer.

So, if you are designing a concrete structure or element please waterproof it, its inexpensive, you are leaving a positive legacy, and it is truly sustainable design.

There are many ways to waterproof concrete, from additives to spray applied treatments.

Talk to us today if you need to waterproof concrete.