Basement Pump Servicing

Basement Pump Servicing and Maintenance

pump_sump_image1Our basement pump servicing team provide you with the reassurance of knowing that your pump will work efficiently all year round.

With many years in the business we provide a friendly, professional service from as little as £180 per year. Please call us for more information.

Our basement pump servicing covers a thorough test of the pump to ensure all is working as it should and an extensive clean to remove any blockages or silt that may have occurred since you last had a pump servicing carried out.

pca-logoWe will thoroughly inspect all your equipment including any high water level alarms, back up pumps or battery backup systems.

We use only the highest quality pumps and components supplied by John Newton, and we are members of the PCA (Property Care Association) and British Structural Waterproofing Association, giving you complete reassurance.

How often is servicing required?

Most pump systems will require a service only once a year. However, pumps that are required to work particularly hard or are installed in a high lime scale area may need more regular servicing. Our experts will be able to advise you on what will be required.

Servicing Options

We offer service plans for Basement Pump Servicing from as just £29/month, providing you with regular servicing to ensure the reliability of your pump(s), but with the back up of a 24 hour emergency service on case of emergency. Alternatively we offer one-off and bespoke servicing.

One-off & Bespoke Servicing

1 Pump£180
2 Pumps£240
3 Pumps£300

Service Plans

Regular service plan options.

PRICE (for a two pump system)£29/MTH
Regular servicing by a trained engineer
Priority emergency call out
24 hour emergency helpline
Emergency engineer within 2 hours
Call out labour included
Time arranged to suit you


If you would like any advice, or would like an estimate for basement pump servicing or maintenance, call Tony on 01268 751299. We cover the whole of the UK from the North of England down to London, the south coast and the south west counties.

“I couldn’t be more appreciative of Anthony and his team at AP Gooch for his help.  We were living overseas but needed an emergency call out to attend to the pumps in our basement.  They were not only kind to us on the phone, but they made every effort to get an engineer on the job on a Saturday afternoon and coordinated with our estate agent to address the issue.  They kept us informed throughout the process and cleared the issue with total professionalism.
Property Owner, Wimbledon Village


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