Basement Flooding Advice

cw_1If your basement has been affected by flooding then you may have to be concerned for the health of your entire home. Firstly, the duration of sitting water at the root of your house will deteriorate your house’s structural support and foundations, not to mention any equipment or furniture.

The good news is that AP Gooch can give you checklist of inspections so you can minimize flooding damage. Water leakages to your basement can be prevented by doing some initial inspections of your house. Inspect the exterior of your house, check for any holes, cracks or any building faults which may come of interest.

It is crucial to check after any moderate to heavy rain. By catching it early, you will be able to identify the water route or any structural weaknesses around your home and basement. Take into account that the condition of the land and ensure the ground is high enough so flooded water outside cannot seep into lower cracks of your home.

Ensure rain gutters are of good quality and are not poorly maintained. With neglect, they can fill up with water and potentially seep through wall cracks.

After identifying any outside faults, you then want to inspect the inside of the basement. Look out for any leaking pipes, condensation or excessive wear and tear on them. If you find a fault on the pipes then you’ve most likely found your fault as most plumbing runs through basements, leading to flooded ones. If unsure where the problem may lie, call a waterproofing expert.

If all pipes are secure and there are no faults, check for any cracks in the walls and floor. This can be done more easily on an unfinished basement as a finished basement will have drywall, disguising any problems.

To get around this, check for any bubbles, the surface layer peeling away or any water stains. Call a waterproofing contractor if you see any signs of water penetration in your basement straight away.

Ensure your building contractor built a perfectly sealed concrete basement. Whilst any cracks in concrete will not result in a flooded basement, it will result in damages to furniture and belongings and ultimately, weaken the structure of the house.

It is important to not let any water breakages go unnoticed. By fully waterproofing a basement to the best of your knowledge, you would have taken the appropriate steps to minimizing the risk of your home being susceptible to flooding occurrences. If you are still unsure about anything in your basement or any possible faults, please contact AP Gooch and we will conduct an inspection to ensure you do not incur costs in the future for any damages.